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Shugden is a manifestation of the Wisdom Buddha. Therefore, anyone who relies upon Shugden will develop and increase their wisdom. Through this they will solve all their problems which come from ignorance.

You may have read in the leaflet 'Eliminating Spiritual Confusion' that the International Shugden Buddhist Community (ISBC) is planning to organise demonstrations against the false Trijang Tulku. However, the ISBC has received requests from many Tibetan Shugden practitioners to not organise these demonstrations. So finally, the Directors have accepted these requests.


The function of this non-profit organization is to protect the pure lineage of Je Tsongkhapa’s doctrine and to help the members of the Shugden Community.

About Us

President: Brianna Groshon
Treasurer: Lisa Klusendorf
Secretary: Rachel Jeffrey

email: info@shugdenbuddhistcommunity.org


All our income comes from kind donations and is used to protect the pure lineage of Je Tsongkhapa’s doctrine and to help members of the Shugden Community.

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The 'International Shugden Community' was temporarily dissolved to show that it was stopping the demonstrations. However, now we are renewing this non-profit organisation with a different name and a different function.